Free Comic Book Day 2014

Once a year, there is a day that many fans consider a holiday alongside Halloween and Christmas. That day is the first weekend in May, and it’s called Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). This is the day that comic shops get special comic books from many publishers, ranging from kids fare to mainstream books to more adult offerings. Supplies are limited on these special books, so many will limit the amount of books you can pick up, so it’s good to plan ahead. In addition, shops will bring in costumers and local artists, in addition to running sales on their normal merchandise. It always has a good vibe, a good buzz around it, and the stories that you can get are fun.

I have put a call out on Social Media, and checked the websites of all the shops I can think of, and I’m throwing together some links and information so you can plan accordingly. These are just the places that I have seen, or heard from, that are having guests. You can find a complete list of shops at the FCBD website using their Store Locator. Note: I do apologize, but most of my selections are Indianapolis-based, since those are the folks who responded. Folks who live outside of Indy, get your local shops turned onto my site so I can give them promotion, as well! Now, let’s take a look at what we’ve got going on!

Indianapolis Area:

  • Alter Ego Comics (Downtown) – Jason decided to go full-on carnival barker to me when describing the events they have planned. In his words, “Along with all the fantastic free comics offered this year, we are hosting an all star lineup! Batman Eternal writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, along with our very own Mark Waid and his Daredevil partner in crime Chris Samnee! Along with raffles, cosplayers, coffee and who knows what other shenanigans will occur! A ridiculously fun event that will rival even the best cons!” See, folks? THIS is why you send me info when I request it! I’m not this type of wordsmith!
If I hear of any other events happening between now and then, I’ll add them up through out the week! Fwr out, and enjoy everything FCBD has to offer on Saturday!
Coming tomorrow: May the Fourth be with you!

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