Webcomic Wednesday: The INDYpendent Self-Published Comics Show Follow-Up

This past Sunday, next to the post-apocalyptic landscape of the old Indianapolis International Airport terminal, the Radisson Hotel played host to a very interesting comic book show. You weren’t going to find back issues of Superman or Spider-Man here. Instead, you found creators. From web comics, to physical media, to children’s books, to podcasters, you found content creators aplenty in their walls. Since I’ve been aware of and on board with this show concept since I met the man behind it, John Graham of Figid Press, back at the first Indy Pop Con shindig, when he told me about his show, I knew I had to attend. Plus, since it wasn’t too far from the Geek Cave, it was only $3, and I know many of the Indy Webcomic people would cause me physical harm if I didn’t make it, I felt rather obligated to go check it out, despite the fact I really need to start staying home and getting my apartment ready to move.

I’m glad I went. The show had a very good, positive vibe to it. Everybody I walked up to and spoke with was very friendly and willing to talk to me about future blogging opportunities. I had a chance to pick up some physical media to review at a later date, and I’m being exceptionally vague because I don’t want to give any future information on blog posts away! Spoilers, sweetie! In all seriousness, though, it was a great crowd. I was cornering web comic creators right and left, working on plans and recommendations on the blog posts, and touching base about the panel the Indy Webcomics Group is hoping to hold at Indy Pop Con, moderated by yours truly. VOTE HERE.

There were panels on comic book creation, which to my understanding were well attended (I took advantage of the thinning of the floor to talk to some creators), and went very well. There was a new Indianapolis-based Geek Podcast there, recording interviews with people, and after speaking with them and listening to some of their work, I’m 100% behind these folks. I’m actually planning on writing a blog post for Follow Friday, but for a teaser, check out Crit Confirm.

Between finally getting a chance to meet some of the folks I interact with on Twitter, seeing people who are becoming good friends of mine, and generally being an annoyance to many of the creators, I had one of the best and most relaxing show experiences I’ve had in quite some time. I know John is already planning his next show, but it won’t be for a while. Rest assured, when he’s got it up and running, I’ll be posting about it on Tuesday Tidbits, which I have been told is perhaps the most helpful post I do on a weekly basis, which makes me feel really good.

Thanks to John for giving our Hoosier creators an awesome place to show, and giving me the opportunity to meet many of them face to face. Best $3 I’ve ever spent! A+++++, will visit again!

Look for more info on upcoming shows when it becomes available,

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