Indiana Geeking Episode 10 – You Don’t Just Crash a Starship


Happy Friday, my friends! We have made it another week, so it’s time for another episode of the Indiana Geeking Podcast! This week, Bri is back for an episode we recorded after my first Who’s Yer Con, and her first time vending at an convention (in this case, the INDYpendent Show). WARNING: This show has many, […]

Where Will Team Geeking Be This Summer?


Trying to be a “Geek around Indiana” and hitting various events, conventions, and shops is exhausting. There are so many conventions, shows, shops, and other events that I try to hit, I’m starting to wear down a bit. After Who’s Yer Con and the INDYpendent Show last weekend (thoughts on those in tomorrow’s podcast), I’m actually […]

Wednesday Comics – April 22, 2015


I’ve mentioned before (last week, actually) that I like crime. Underworld stuff, teen detectives, Columbo, Miss Marple, all of it. Crime and the solving thereof is my jam. But heists and thieves hold a particularly special place in my heart. That’s why I originally picked up Bandette. Well, that’s not entirely true. I originally picked […]

Tuesday Tidbits – April 21st, 2015


Good day, my friends! I hope everybody had an astounding weekend! I had fun at Who’s Yer Con and the INDYpendent Show over the weekend, and I’ll have a follow-up post on Thursday, as well as a discussion with Bri about it on the Indiana Geeking Podcast on Friday! Well, April is almost behind us, […]

Media Monday – Daredevil Part 2


I swear I’m not trying to milk a single television season for a couple of blog posts. It’s just turning out that way with first, The Flash, and now Daredevil. I just have things I want to say, and this is the only place I really have to say them where people will at least pretend […]