Tuesday Tidbits: October 21st, 2014


Good day, my friends! I trust everybody has had a fabulous week? This weekend found me in Kokomo, checking out KokomoCon, as well as Kokomo Toys and Comics Cubed. Look for information on what I saw coming the rest of this week, but I can tell you know that the show was fun, and the […]

What is “#FeedABlogger”?


If you follow me on Social Media, or if you ever read to the end of my recent Tuesday Tidbits posts, then you have seen me use the hashtag, #FeedABlogger. This has also been picked up by friends of mine over at Pure Geekery, and the Awkward Geeks. Simply, it’s our way of saying, “Hey! […]

Tuesday Tidbits: October 14th, 2014


Good day, my friends! I trust you all had a fantastic weekend? Mine was spent cleaning, hanging pictures, and getting ready for my next trip to see the Geekling. That trip isn’t until the end of the month, though, so I have plenty of time to get some good stuff for the wee one, and […]

Geek Thoughts: Rampant Fanboyism


You know what? We all get it. We all know you love that thing you love. That’s great! However, you know what’s not great? Tearing down something else to show how much you love the thing you love. We’ve all seen it happen. Rampant “fanboyism” that causes people to think their thing is better than […]

Geek Thoughts: Awesome Con Indianapolis

2014-10-04 10.08.17

In 2014, the Indiana Convention Center has has more than its share of shows for Geeks. We have had Indiana Comic Con, Indy Pop Con, and Gen Con, when in 2013 we just had Gen Con. On top of all that, this past weekend, it was the host of another show from Washington D.C. by […]