Tuesday Tidbits: October 28th, 2014

2014-10-28 10.13.15

Good day, my friends! Am I the only one who is scrambling to get their costume together for Friday? Yeah, I could have worked on it all month, but I just had the epiphany on what I wanted to do on Thursday. So, I’m throwing together something fast and sloppy out of craft foam, and […]

Kokomo Toys & Collectibles – Kokomo, IN


A while ago, I was followed on social media by a toy store out of Kokomo, fittingly called Kokomo Toys. Judging by their pictures, they were a large shop, with a good selection, so I was psyched about eventually checking them out for the blog, as well as for the fact that I love a […]

Geek Thoughts: KokomoCon 2014


Every year, I’ve thought about heading up to Kokomo to check out KokomoCon, yet something always comes up. Family obligations, work, or just the fact that gas costs money has kept me from their show since I really starting writing and promoting events in Indiana. Sure, it’s been getting shout outs from me, probably since […]

Tuesday Tidbits: October 21st, 2014


Good day, my friends! I trust everybody has had a fabulous week? This weekend found me in Kokomo, checking out KokomoCon, as well as Kokomo Toys and Comics Cubed. Look for information on what I saw coming the rest of this week, but I can tell you know that the show was fun, and the […]

What is “#FeedABlogger”?


If you follow me on Social Media, or if you ever read to the end of my recent Tuesday Tidbits posts, then you have seen me use the hashtag, #FeedABlogger. This has also been picked up by friends of mine over at Pure Geekery, and the Awkward Geeks. Simply, it’s our way of saying, “Hey! […]