Tuesday Tidbits: August 19th, 2014

2014-08-14 10.25.37

Good day, my friends! Did everybody have a great weekend at Gen Con? I know I did, even though I barely did any actual gaming! I spent much of the weekend talking to designers, meeting up with friends, eating good food and drinking good beer, admiring the work of many of the costumers/cosplayers, and just […]

Gen Con 2014: Gamer Needs Food, Badly


Well, with the first day of Gen Con behind us, one thing that’s probably on a lot of folk’s minds is “I really could use something that’s not a power bar/beef jerky, pb&j sandwich.” Well, you are in luck, because if there is one thing that downtown Indy is good at, that is making sure […]

Gen Con 2014: More Than Just Games

As I said last week, Gen Con is billed as the Best Four Days in Gaming. However, games aren’t the only thing happening at the show. Sure, you could probably fill Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin with the amount of dice that will be in the convention center, but that’s not the only thing that’s happening. […]

Gen Con 2014: Georgia St. Kickoff


After the Superb Owl invasion of 2012 here in Indianapolis, Indianapolis has had a great party area beside the convention center, known as Georgia Street. This area is used quite often for Food Truck gatherings, celebrations, and even lunchtime fitness sessions for downtown workers. When Gen Con comes to town, they have also started using […]

Gen Con 2014: Kickstarter Kickoff for LM Studios

launch party poster

While there will be much beer and merriment to be had downtown on Gen Con Eve, it is not the only event happening! My good friends over at Hero’s Emporium on 65th and Keystone near Indy’s north side will be hosting not only a Kickstarter Kick Off party for an awesome game, but also will […]