‘Tis the Season: All the Shopping Lists


Disclaimer: This post is chock full of links to posts for Affiliate links. If something is bought using those links, chances are this blog will receive a small commission from an advertising company. This small commission will hopefully build up over the season, and will be used for improvements to the blog, and hopefully, maybe […]

Looking Ahead: 2015 Conventions


You might have seen me talk about it online, or seen me pull up the list at one of the events happening this past fall. There are a lot of conventions in Indiana in 2015. We are going to be the host of shows ranging from single day toy shows, to multiple day gaming conventions, […]

Tuesday Tidbits: December 16th, 2014

Good day, my friends! Another exciting week is before us, as the holiday shopping season is coming swiftly to its end! I would like to thank everybody that has ordered using my affiliate links, since that is going a long way to helping expenses for 2015! Speaking of 2015, I’ve already started making plans for […]

Tuesday Tidbits: December 9th, 2014

Good day, my friends! Here we are, another week closer to the end of 2014! As this year is starting to wind down, I’m starting to reflect on how 2014 has gone, and I’m making my plans and looking forward to 2015. One thing I’m looking at is a schedule, since there are a lot […]

Media Monday: Foam Armor, Fast


You’ve had the idea for a costume since last Gen Con. However, you kept telling yourself, “I’ve got time. I’ll play more Dragon Age!” or “I could be working on this tonight, but I have a new deck idea, and I really want to hit Friday Night Magic to try it out…” for eleven months. […]