Geeking Podcast Episode 2: Play it Again


Heya folks! A busy week means it’s difficult to get out and visit friendly local shops, but it’s a great time to hide away with a laptop and microphone, and record a new podcast! I’m still attempting to find my path, but I’m definitely enjoying the journey as I wander aimlessly with my microphone and my […]

Things to Do: Inside Hollywood Films & TV!

Gotta look sharp to take care of the scum of the universe.

I love learning how things work behind the scenes in Hollywood. The time I spent working at XFX was really interesting, seeing how practical effects worked, how foam latex, silicone, and gelatin make-up appliances were made, and how props were built. However, everything I did was behind the scenes, and there was never an opportunity for me […]

Wednesday Comics – February 25th, 2015


We’re going to talk about something a little different this week. Private Eye is a digital-only comic book by Brian K. Vaughn (writer), Marcos Martin (artist), Munsta Vicente (colorist). Private Eye is about an unlicensed private detective in the future. Also, the unlicensed detectives of this future are called paparazzi. And the cops of this future are […]

Tuesday Tidbits – February 24th, 2015


Good day, my friends! I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend! I spent Saturday night as a Lifeguard for the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis’ Adult Swim party, where I had a chance to check out exhibits, take selfies with fellow bow tie wearers in the name of social media promotion, and generally have a great […]

Media Monday – Comic Store Heroes


Last night, I was discussing the future of Media Monday with Bri, and we were discussing how it’s going to take a bit to start getting some locally sourced content to start showcasing on here. While we were discussing the merits of also giving a focus to some of the Geekier Indie stuff, she also […]